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Terms used in Bionomenclature

The naming of organisms (and plant communities) – compiled by
David L. Hawksworth


This is a glossary of over 2,100 terms used in biological nomenclature - the naming of whole organisms of all kinds. It covers terms in use in the current editions of the different internationally mandated and proposed organismal Codes; i.e. those for botany (including mycology), cultivated plants, prokaryotes (archaea and bacteria), virology, and zoology, as well as the Draft BioCode and PhyloCode. Any abbreviations, latinizations and synonyms are incorporated, as are terms which are either no longer employed, are used outside the formal nomenclatural Codes, or are otherwise likely to be encountered. As some of the terms used in the classification of plant communities are identical to those of whole organisms, terms used in phytosociological nomenclature are also included. The glossary has been prepared with inputs from numerous nomenclatural specialists, especially representatives of the different Codes serving on the IUBS/IUMS International Committee on Bionomenclature. It is intended for use as a reference work by all biologists, especially those involved with the description or re-classification of organisms, as well as those investigating the status and application of previously proposed names. 
Selected key words: algae, animals, archaea, bacteria, BioCode, biological nomenclature, botany, codes of nomenclature, cultivated plants, dictionary, entomology, fungi, glossary, nomenclature, PhyloCode, phytosociology, plants, prokaryotes, protists, viruses, zoology.

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