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Report from the Icelandic Institute of Natural History

I would like to inform mycologists who may be interested in fungi from Iceland, or subarctic-alpine fungi, that the Icelandic Institute of Natural History has just published the first part of a detailed checklist of Icelandic fungi.

Helgi Hallgrimsson & Gudridur Gyda Eyjolfsdottir 2004. Íslenskt sveppatal I. - Smásveppir (Checklist of Icelandic Fungi I. - Microfungi). Fjölrit Natturufrædistofnunar 45: 1-189. (In Icelandic with English abstract and introduction)

The next part on the larger fungi, Basidiomycota class Basidiomycetes, by Helgi Hallgrimsson & Gudridur Gyda Eyjolfsdottir is in preparation and will be published in 2005 or 2006 and the third part, also in preparation, is on lichens by Hördur Kristinsson.

For more information on"Checklist of Icelandic Fungi I. Microfungi" visit the home page of the Icelandic Institute of Natural History where a few sample pages from the checklist are combined in a pdf-file.

Much of the information on Icelandic microfungi has been gathered through the work of foreign mycologists visiting Iceland. Many have sent us reprints or lists of species collected and in our herbarium (AMNH) are stored specimens donated by several foreign mycologists. I would like to ask those who have information on the Icelandic mycota which is not listed in the checklist (for microfungi) and (for basidiomycetes) we may not know about to contact me.

On the web site is a section on icelandic fungi: and photographs by Hördur Kristinsson.

Sincerely yours,

Gudridur Gyda Eyjolfsdottir


gge [at]

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