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So far, there is no archive of mycology and therefore we present a loos collection of reports on mycological activities, which might of your interest. When ever possible, we try to incorporate a contact for your interest.

Resolution of the International Association for Lichenology

The International Association for Lichenology (IAL) Business Meeting, Asilomar, Monterray, California, 17 July 2008, passed the following resolution.

Colloquium report of American Academy of Microbiology

The AmericanAcademy of Microbiology has released its newest colloquium report, "The Fungal Kingdom: Diverse and Essential Roles in Earth's Ecosystem.

Terms used in Bionomenclature

The naming of organisms (and plant communities) – compiled by David L. Hawksworth

This is a glossary of over 2,100 terms used in biological nomenclature - the naming of whole organisms of all kinds. It covers terms in use in the current editions of the different internationally mandated and proposed organismal Codes; i.e. those for botany (including mycology), cultivated plants, prokaryotes (archaea and bacteria), virology, and zoology, as well as the Draft BioCode and PhyloCode.

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