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Post-doctoral Fellowship in Medical Mycology

Deadline: August 19th, 2019

Post-doctoral Fellowship in Medical Mycology

Nº: 2977

Field of knowledge:  Microbiology

FAPESP process: 2017/50333-7

Project title:  Determination of resistance to fluconazole in clinical isolates of Candida and Cryptococcus by spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS)

Working area:  Medical Mycology

Number of places:  1

Principal investigator: Marcia de Souza Carvalho Melhem

Unit/Instituition:  Núcleo de Micologia, Centro de Parasitologia, Instituto Adolfo Lutz

Deadline for submissions:  2019-08-19

Publishing date: 2019-07-23

Locale:  Av. Dr. Arnaldo, 351, 8º andar, Núcleo de Micologia, São Paulo

E-mail for proposal submission:  melhemmr [at] uol [dot] com [dot] br



The Mycology Center of the Center for Parasitology and Mycology of the Adolfo Lutz Institute in São Paulo, Brazil has a vacancy for post-doctoral fellowship with a scholarship funded by the Sõa Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) for the development of the project “Determination of resistance to fluconazole in clinical isolates of Candida and Cryptococcus by spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS)”, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Marcia S.C.Melhem.

The opportunity is for the project belonging to the Institutional Research Development Plan (PDIP), whose objective will be the development of scientific and technological solutions that will provide rapid and timely responses to strengthen laboratory actions in health surveillance. 

Candidates must be exceptionally motivated to work on the project, be innovative, willing to work independently in an interdisciplinary team environment, and be fluent in English. They must also have knowledge of the English language to read and write reports and scientific articles. The post-doc should be available for travel in Brazil and abroad. The candidate must have a degree, preferably in Biological Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences and have completed the PhD less than 7 (seven) years.

About the project

Mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) has been widely demonstrated as an excellent tool for fast, precise and accurate fungal identification. The demand for drug susceptibility testing is increasing, particularly for patients under antifungal therapy, justifying the search for fast methods, such as MALDI-TOF MS, for resistance determination. This study aims to investigate this technology for determination of susceptibility to the most commonly used antifungal in clinical practice, fluconazole. The method will be improved to establish a composite correlation index (CCI) that analyzesthe relationships / similarities between spectra generated by wild and non-wild-type isolates of Candida and Cryptococcusexposed to different concentrations of fluconazole. The comparison of spectra obtained in absence and at maximum concentration will be determined. This will allow the establishment of the minimum profile change concentration (MPCC), which is the lowest concentration where the spectrum is most similar to that generated at the maximum concentration of drug, relative to that obtained in the absence of the drug. Microdilution will be the reference method.



Candidates must have a doctoral degree in area related to the project, experience in the field of resistance to azole antifungals, molecular biology of Candida and Cryptococcus, techniques of medical mycology and MALDI-TOF.


About the scholarship

The FAPESP scholarship ( has a duration of 24 months, with a possibility of renewal, entails exclusive dedication (40 hours / week) and will have a value of BRL7,373.10 per month and Technical Reserve equivalent to 15% of the annual value of the scholarship and intended to meet unforeseen expenses directly related to the research activities. The vacancy is open to Brazilians and foreigners.

About the Application: Candidates must send their application by e-mail (Dr. Marcia S. C. Melhem melhemmr [at] uol [dot] com [dot] br), with subject: “FAPESP PD Grant and Name of Applicant”, and inserting a single attachment (in pdf) containing the following items:

1) PhD certificate;
2) Letter of motivation to act in the project;
3) 2 letters of recommendation (name, institution, telephone and e-mail) of two professors or scientific researchers;
4) FAPESP model curriculum, demonstrating its experience and highlighting its publications in scientific journals, indexed according to FAPESP instructions (brief FAPESP CV Instructions –;
5) Proof of activities related to the post-doctoral scholarship project, such as: publications, internships, trainings, papers presented at scientific events, and research experience. 



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