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Declaration of Cordoba

Fungi of the Earth - Declaration of Cordoba 2007

The participants in the First World Conference on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Wild Fungi, WorldFungi 2007, comprising 550 delegates and over 150 experts from 35 countries have committed themselves to promote, both with the governments and society of the countries and regions of the World, the achievement of the following principles:

  1. Each and every form of life, however small, is unique. The equilibrium of the Earth depends on them being respected.
  2. The kingdom of fungi, during its long evolution, has contributed to the formation of essential components of ecosystems, resulting in a valuable resource for human health and nutrition, for the environmental equilibrium of planet earth and the socio-economic development of rural communities.
  3. The conservation and sustainable use of world fungi require integrated management of Education, Dissemination, Innovation and Development.

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