The following Special-purpose Committees (SPCs) were established at the Nomenclature Session of the San Juan International Mycological Congress (IMC) to report to the 2024 IMC in Maastricht. 

Membership of the SPCs has been confirmed by the Nomenclature Committee for Fungi and the General Committee on Nomenclature.

Both SPCs have commenced discussions. It is anticipated that their work will be concluded by the end of 2023.

The outcome of the work of SPCs may be a proposal to amend Chapter F of the Code (the material in the Code limited to names of fungi). Such proposals need to be submitted by 31 Dec 2023


Special-purpose Committee for DNA sequences as types for fungi 

This SPC arose out of the proposal to the Nomenclature Session of the San Juan IMC to amend Chapter F of the Code to allow DNA sequences as types for fungi in the absence of specimens. 


David Hibbett (USA, Co-chair), Juan Carlos Zamora Señoret (Spain, Co-chair), Tom May (Australia, Convenor, NCF, ICTF), Lei Cai (China), Ewald Groenewald (Netherlands), Heather Hallen-Adams (USA), Sinang Hongsanan (Thailand), Paul Kirk (UK, NCF), James Lendemer (USA, NCF), Robert Lücking (Germany, ICTF), Henrik Nilsson (Sweden, UNITE / ICTF), Maarja Öpik (Estonia), Mahajabeen Padamsee (New Zealand), Chayanard Phukhamsakda (China/Thailand), Kathryn Picard (USA), Andre Rodrigues (Brasil), Megan Romberg (USA), Anna Rosling (Sweden), Marc Stadler (Germany, ICTF), Marco Thines (Germany, ICTF / NCF).


Special-purpose Committee on names of fungi with the same epithets 

The genesis of this SPC was the unsuccessful proposal put to the International Botanical Congress (IBC) in Shenzhen by Hawksworth, Prop. 085 (Taxon 64: 858–862. 2015) on "Names with the same epithet". This proposal allowed a later name that is an alternate state of an earlier name with the same epithet to be treated as a new combination, thus protecting priority of the earlier name when its transfer to another genus is blocked by the later name (and there is a name with a different epithet that competes for priority). A SPC on the issue was set up at IBC Shenzhen to report to the next IBC. At the San Juan IMC, a proposal from the floor was successful in changing the reporting of the SPC so that it reports instead to the next IMC. The General Committee on Nomenclature has approved this change in reporting.


David Hawksworth (UK, Co-Convenor), Shaun Pennycook (New Zealand, Co-Convenor), James Mitchell (USA, Secretary), Konstanze Bensch (Netherlands), Paul Kirk (UK), John McNeill (UK), Amy Rossman (USA) and Yi-Jian Yao (China).