Awarded to an individual for recognition of extraordinary service to world mycology. Nominees for the award will be evaluated on the basis of service to world mycology or to the field of mycology in general.

  • 1996   JOHN WEBSTER: for extraordinary service to international mycology through the IMA.
  • 2010   EMORY G. SIMMONS: for extraordinary service to international mycology, especially, his tireless efforts in the development, maintainance and preservation of biological resource collections.
  • 2010   RICHARD P. KORF: for his service to the Mycological Society of America, especially, his is a long and distinguished career highlighted by engagement in his science, excellence in teaching, and service to the international mycological community.
  • 2014   DAVID HAWSKWORTH: He has served world mycology as Director of the International Mycological Institute, President of the British Mycological Society, President of the International Mycological Association and, now, as Editor-in-Chief of IMA Fungus.
  • 2018   PEDRO CROUS: His leadership in promoting mycology worldwide is based on a profound impact on mycology through more than 600 publications. He founded several journals and conference series, he was president of the IMA and he served the mycological comminty in all possible ways.. 

General Requirements:

  • An individual may receive the same IMA Award only once.
  • Self nomination is not allowed.
  • Nominators must be members of the IMA.
  • Nominees who are not chosen for the prize, may be re-nominated for up to two additional terms (within the year limit linked to the specific award).

Next application deadline:

March 15, 2024


Documents required (nomination folder should contain):

  1. A nominating letter, including a detailed evaluation of the nominee’s contributions to Mycology.
  2. A current curriculum vitae.

Notes: Awards consists of a certificate. The Committee may choose to make no award in a given year, if it is appropriate. Presentation of the awards will take place at the awards ceremony at the IMC meeting.