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Poster Award Winners
Poster Award Winners
Poster Award Winners
Poster Award Winners
Poster Award Judges
Poster Award Judges

IMC9 was a great international meeting of fungal biology and very succesfull. Please find below some photo galleries to get an impression of the congress. The poster prizes were announced in the General Assembly of the IMA and the names of the winners are in the PDFs on the right.

IBC Committee for Fungi

This General Assembly of the IMA endorses the decisions of the Nomenclature Session convened during IMC9 with respect to:

  • The transference of the governance of the nomenclature of fungi from the International Botanical to International Mycological Congresses.
  • The mandatory pre-publication deposit of nomenclatural information in a recognized depository for the valid publication of new fungal names.
  • The acceptability of English as an alternative to Latin in the valid publication of fungal names.
  • Requests the Committee for Fungi, the Special Committee on the Names of Pleomorphic Fungi, and the International Commission on the Taxonomy of Fungi, to take note of the results of the questionnaire completed by delegates of IMC9.

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