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Asian Mycological Congress 2019 (AMC2019)

October 1st, 2019 to October 4th, 2019

The Mycological Society of Japan (MSJ) is happy to sponsor Asian Mycological Congress (AMC2019) to be held in Mie,  Japan in October,  2019.  We are going to cover a wide range of mycological areas of updated taxonomy,  important ecology, cutting edge technologies and applications in addition to fields specific to Asian countries.

The concurrent sessions are:

  • Biogeography and phylogeny of powdery mildew fungi
  • Biological control of Fungal diseases
  • Mushroom Industry in Developing countries
  • Mushrooms as natural medicine in Asia
  • Diversity of Entomophagous fungi
  • Co-evolution and speciation by mycorrhizal fungi
  • Fungi in stressed environments
  • Environmental DNA and ecological networks of fungi
  • Fungal diseases threatening Asian forest and Agriculture
  • Biodiversity, Systmatics & Ecology of Chytridiomycota
  • Biodiversity, Systmatics & Ecology of "Zygomycota”
  • Biodiversity, Systmatics & Ecology of Ascomycota
  • Species barcoding of Oomycota
  • Fungal genomics
  • Taxonomy, systematic and evolution of  Penicillium
  • Taxonomy, systematic and evolution of  Aspergillus
  • Diversity of aquatic fungi
  • Consevarion of fungal diversity
  • Multitrophic fungal interactions
  • Collection of Yeasts
  • microbial screening, small moleculres from filamentous fungi for drugs
  • new functions of fungal virus - positive images
  • Biodiversity, Systematics & Ecology of Agaricomycotina
  • Fungal genetics


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